Psilocybin Microdose Gummies


We have refined the art of extracting psilocybin from mushrooms and turning it into delicious gummies using our extraction processes.

The gummies we make contain no organic material (no mushrooms) and only psilocybin extract. Combining this with our premium gummy recipe results in a tasty, easy-to-eat product. Our Psilocybin Gummies come in two strengths:

  • -Micro Dose size is 125mg (equivalent) per dose
  • -Low Dose size is 250mg (equivalent) per dose

Each pouch contains 30 gummies. This should last about three months based on a “on-off-off” schedule (one gummy every third day).

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Buy Psilocybin Microdose Gummies

Our Psilocybin Microdose Gummies (125mg) include only pure extracted psilocybin. We have created the most advanced and efficient technology for extracting psilocybin from magic mushrooms.

We combine high-quality flavorings and ingredients with pure psilocybin extract to create gummies that we are confident you will enjoy.

Switch to our gummies for improved microdosing and no more unpleasant mushroom flavor, irregular amounts, or measuring errors with fresh or dry magic mushrooms. Micro-dose psilocybin gummies are most effective for:

Buy your pilocybin gummies now!

  • 1. Easy to use
  • 2. Consistent dosing
  • 3. Yummy microdosing

How much Psilocybin Microdose Gummies should I take?

When using psilocybin gummies, we recommend following the JT Protocol. Take 125mg microdoses every Monday morning, Wednesday morning, and Saturday morning for two months.

Then, for one month, follow the same routine but with low-dose (250mg) gummies. Take a week off after that month and then resume utilizing our Microdose products.

What are the effects of microdosing using magic edibles?

Using our gummies can help with stress relief, mood enhancement, improved temperament, and overall well-being. You will also have improved awareness, intellect, memory, and creativity. All of these effects are possible without the debilitating consequences of a full psilocybin trip.

When will I feel the effects of using pilocybin gummies?

Some people notice effects as soon as two weeks, while others take up to eight weeks. Some people barely experience the effects of psilocybin when taking microdoses, yet those around them notice significant, positive behavioral changes.

Do you have guides for using Microdose gummies?

Yes, we do have what you require. Our website is a one-stop shop for goods and guidelines for microdosing using pilocybin delivery devices.

Purchase your microdose psilocybin gummies and consult our guide pages to learn how to optimize your microdoses. On our blog, we also offer a wealth of information and news about magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and microdosing.


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